Simply Thai ONLINE!!!

November 7, 2009

Thai food is gaining an international reputation as one of the world’s greatest cuisines…

Simply Thai , offers a selection of meticulously selected authentic dishes in each of its popular restaurants. Competitively priced, its traditional and contemporary menus are low in fat and high in nutrients.



One Response to “Simply Thai ONLINE!!!”

  1. Edi said

    You really have the best Thai food ever, very affordable and just good grub… very home-style. Perhaps the best Thai food in the UK! 🙂 You should hear the story of how the owner went around the country testing other recipes, being inspired, then somehow convinced the Master Chef from a big Thai Restaurant to join him. He’s got to have something!

    The owner is a young guy, and like his staff, has a heart of gold and is very meticulous with not only the food and in wanting to share their culture with the world. Definitely made with love!! xxx. And sooo tasty!! So, it’s my heartfelt recommendation that you support this amazing eatery. Hope you all enjoy as much as I do!!

    Much love….
    xo. E

    PS. Green chicken curry with coconut rice and fish cakes 🙂 Tho the duck looked very enticing too…. too many choices!

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